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It has been difficult for me to conceptualize this space. This is a professional space for me; but that term, professional, comes with a ton of baggage. From a queer, anti-colonial, anti-racist perspective, most of that baggage is bad. The idea of professionalism is used to oppress anybody that is not a upper or middle-class heteronormative cis white man. As I am a queer person, a person on a journey of self de-colonization, and a staunch anti-racist and anti-colonial accomplice, I had to navigate all this baggage in the creation of this space for my professional life. I have a very communal, holistic view of life; every aspect of life affects every other aspect of life. All things are interconnected and interdependent upon one another. How do I create a space for professional life without including the overlap into other aspects of my life? Well, the short answer is that I don't; and more to the point, I won't. I would go one step further to challenge the idea that there is such a thing as sub-sections of life; there is just life.

I am a community social worker. I see myself as part of communities. I define communities as groups of people navigating what it means to live, work, play, grow, and/or thrive with each other within their specific context. Some communities are geographic in nature, while others may be around a certain activity, career/profession/work place, or even topics. Who I am as a person and my interactions within the communities that I am a member of are an important part of the context of my professional life or practice. To me social work is a 24/7 gig. Social work is a lifestyle choice. Now that does not mean that I will work 24/7 or that every part of myself is always available to other people. Self-care, time off, and boundaries are important parts of social work practice.

This space is many things; an experiment, a space to reflect, a space to heal, a space to feel, a space to live, a space to learn, a space to grow, a space to be... The attempt to define this space is much like the attempts I have been making to define myself: on going and ever-changing. Pages and posts in this space may be static but the space itself is alive, dynamic. This is a space for me to be me, authentically. It will feature content intersecting the many identities that I inhabit and usually have some implication for the practice of social work, either within specific populations/localities or in general.

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I am currently in my last semester of my master of social work (MSW). As part of my education I work a practicum (internship). This academic year (17-18) I have been working in a community and administrative practicum in the University of Oklahoma (OU) Writing Center. I have grown so much this last year of my MSW and below you can find my reflections and posts on my time in at the OU Writing Center.